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Long ass day! end of story. Now I'm going to go lay in bed with my monster and watch who's line is it anyways?!
This show always makes me feel better. My back is killing me. Tomorrow is going to be no picnic either.
I have officially had the beast a year...I think. Well it's close to a year anyways.
I want to go camping already. Breathe taking Oregon Coast....I am ready!
I'm seriously in aww with the Oregon Coast back roads and highways. The beautiful
scenery is so peaceful and the smell is amazing. Moving there is in my future.
Very very distant future....but in it none the less. Well I should probably make an attempt to
sleep tonight, I have to get up early!! Damn you Seattle traffic!

Oh wow my back is...just wow it hurts so bad. This will not end with a pretty note.


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