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Nothing feels right anymore. Nothing I say is kept to just one person, when it's meant to.
Pretending doesn't feel like the thing to do anymore. I'm ready for parts of my old life to come
back. I'm ready for a job and school again.

Got a letter from Jason today and everyone somehow read it before I even found out I had gotten it.
Thank you Grandma for opening my mail. So nice of you to open it then lie about it for no reason. I don't care
that you read it, just shit give me a chance to read it first, it's been a while since I've talked to my "brother". haha
what a joke. Fuck you. You abandon me and Christine, and promised to be there for everything. Fucking liar. You lost
contact when you weren't in jail. But hell I don't blame you, you had nothing better to do then write your little sisters
for once right? After 5 years you expect to just pick things  back up where you left them. Shit may work with Christine but
I'm not buying your bullshit. So sick of lame excusses and broken promises.

I have one of a million job interviews tomorrow. I'm trying but finding a job is hard. Atleast it keeps my head busy, because nothing else seems too.

Today is going to be an amazing day!
Off to the shower!!! Man I really hope theres hot water today ahaha

I'm really worried about Gza. :(
My Mind is currently occupied, maybe come back later and try me.


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