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This is tearing me in two....
I really want to talk to you....see you. I know you don't read this anymore, if you did I wouldn't know anyways. But fuck I hate the feeling of missing you. Especially when I don't know if it mutual. I want you back around. But I'm long forgotten, I'm sure and you won't stop holding this grudge against me, and I've tried so hard to make you see both sides and see that I  actually am sorry, but it's hard when the unwillingly to see just won't change there visions and dellusions.

Anyways, leaving for spokane tonight :) then I get to see my handsome man in a tux! I like the fact the he looks so sophisticated, yet you can still see his tattoo's peaking out, he's also wearing his glasses instead of his contacts :) and oh my my does he look handsome. haha
Watching Good Morning, Vietnam. And hopefully sleeping sometime tonight......but I highly doubt  that will actually happen.

oh lordy, restretched my ears to a 2g today.....and emu oil is my new best friend right now haha and olive oil haha.
I'm pretty damn tuckered out today, but I never seem to be able to fall asleep.
I can now(and have been able to for a long while) function off of little or no sleep what so freaking ever!
It's something wonderful I suppose ahahaha


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