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This is tearing me in two.

Just got a new dress and pair of heels for this weekends formal wedding event in Spokane.
Not excited about the drive, but I'm excited to get to have an excuse to dress up really nice :)
Gavin is going in a tux......and holy shit does it look good on him. If there was ever a person who
can rock a tux with perfection, it's him. I've got this short black, white and greyish dress and greyish 5in heels
to go with is. Thank god Gavin is like 6'5 or these shoes would be a no go. They will most likely be a no go with
my back after a while, but oh well.
As far as health goes, I've been feeling so much better. Like I still hurt a lot often, but I never really feel nauseated anymore
and I can eat without getting to see what it looks like all chewed up haha. My sores are down to about 3 instead of the 10 I started with. Which is a HUGE improvement :) Treatment ends at the end of march and I can't wait.
I have a job interview at the Children's museum and possibly the Co-ops children center. I've had a lot of work with the
buddy club and childrens centers down in tri-cities so hopefully that will help. PLUS I went through a babysitting course when I was 11.....SO I'M GOLDEN! hahaha Lets just hope they don't ask any questions about it because for fuck sake I don't remember a lot of it. So everything is really looking up in certain area's. And I'm glad. I've really been staying focused on what I need to be staying focused on. and Gavin moved in completely thanks to my grandma and he has been working for a while which is good. So hopefully I can start saving money again and move out with the monster dog here in June.


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