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If you have any need to contact me, do so on facebook, this, call me or email me. I do not check my myspace, Gavin does for the fact that he uses it to talk to friends back home and such. I use it once and a while to talk to friends that only have myspace but that's about it and rarely.
Facebook: find me
Phone: 15094307828

Anyways, what a shock it's 6am and I'm still awake.....I'm glad to see that I'm branching out and trying something new for a change(sarcasim) Maybe tomorrow I will actually get some sort of sleep. So yesterday I went out with Alan and Terrin to Red Robin when they came into town and that was the highlight of my week right there! I missed them. Lunch was great as well, I honestly haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I literally almost pee'd my pants.

Things are getting hard again. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about it this time....nothing else I do actually works, so why should anything new I try actually take affect?


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